środa, 10 sierpnia 2011

see you ;*

Okay, I'm leaving to Bulgaria in 2 hours.. and I really wish to spend an amazing time there. So wish me luck and see You in 2 weeks. XOXO ; **


środa, 3 sierpnia 2011

the sleepover

Tak jak wszyscy wyjechali, tak nagle wracaja. I dobrze. Już zaczynałam za Wami tęsknić misiaki ;**

Everyone left, and are suddenly coming back right now. And that is a good thing. I already started to miss you sweethearts ;*

                                                                     bandana: vintage 
shirt: New Look
 backpack: River Island 
belt: vintage 
shorts: River Island 
earrings: vintage - gift

vest: 2hand + DIY
undershirt: Oysho
bracelet: gift
necklase: Camaieu
bag: gift - Primark
shorts: River Island
socks: Calzedonia
sneakers: Converse