piątek, 29 kwietnia 2011

shirt: Stradivarius
headband: vintage
bag: vintage
bracelet: accessorize
shoes: New Look
shorts: H&M Garden Collection

niedziela, 17 kwietnia 2011

shitty day

sweater - Primark
undershirt -??
skiert - Zara
socks - mom's closet
sneakers - Converse
bracelet - Apart
necklace - gift

bag - vintage
coat - River Island
sunglasses - Gortz 17

"it's often said that no matter the truth
people see what they want to see,
some people might take a step back
and find out they were looking
at the same big picture all along,
some people might see that their
lives have almost caught up with them,
some people may see what was there all along,
and then there are those other people
who run as far as they can
so they dont have to look at themselves,
and as for me i can see clearly now"